Portsmouth students join in Walk-a-thon for Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund

The students of Portsmouth Elementary and Junior High School stepped up to help raise money for the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund.

Now in its ninth year, the walk-a-thon event was organized for Portsmouth City Schools by Kathy Amburgey. Elementary students from grades 1-6 walked around the high school track on May 8-9, and the junior high students will walk on May 12. Kindergarten students walked around the elementary school playground.

“This is a way for our kids to give back, because Mark and Virgie Hunter do so much – not just for our school, but for the community. This way the kids remember that they can give their time. We try to do other outreaches to give back and volunteer, by sending cards to the community and nursing homes. We want the kids to feel part of the community,” Amburgey said.

The Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund provides goods, services, and funds for the benefit of children in Scioto, Adams, and Pike counties who have financial needs. Some examples include food, clothing, coats, shoes, school supplies, college entrance exam and ACT/SAT fees, lab fees, field trip/excursion fees, tutoring, limited eye or dental exams and treatment.

“Virgie (Hunter) and I are just so grateful. This is one of our favorite events of the year because we get to spend time with the kids,” said Mark Hunter. “It’s nice to get out there and talk to the kids about some of the troubles they’re having and it tugs at your heart. You feel like you are making a difference in their lives. We are so thankful to Kathy Amburgey and Portsmouth Schools.”

More information about the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund can be found online at https://www.stevenshopefund.org. For more information about Portsmouth City Schools, visit them online at www.portsmouthtrojans.net, or follow the school’s page on Facebook.