orange frog haircuts

Portsmouth City School District put on a happy face for Orange Frog Week, Oct. 24-26, with special activities for the students in each of the buildings.

Orange Frog is a program that promotes happiness among the students and staff of Portsmouth City School District. The district was introduced to it earlier this year and trained every staff member in its principles before the beginning of the school year. 

“Happiness is a choice that we all make each and every day. This is a chance to express that with our fellow staff members, our students, and our community. Anyone we come into contact with throughout the day, and each other,” said Portsmouth Superintendent Scott Dutey. 

At Portsmouth High School this week, students were asked what they would like to do for Orange Frog Week, and they chose haircuts and hairstyling. Permission slips went home with the students and five adults volunteered from the community to help out.

PBIS Coordinator Amy Hughes said it was a small gesture to help students feel better about themselves.

“We wanted to do something that makes everyone feel good. We wanted to give them an opportunity to look good and get their haircut during the school day, because some might not be able to get them after school,” she said.

She said Portsmouth is like a big family and they do whatever they can to help their students feel good about themselves and succeed.

“If we’d do it for our own kids at home, we’d do it for our kids here at school,” Hughes said.