Orange Frog Week

Portsmouth City School District put on a happy face for Orange Frog Week, Oct. 24-26, with special activities for the students in each of the buildings.

Orange Frog is a program that promotes happiness among the students and staff of Portsmouth City School District. The district was introduced to it earlier this year and trained every staff member in its principles before the beginning of the school year. 

“Happiness is a choice that we all make each and every day. This is a chance to express that with our fellow staff members, our students, and our community. Anyone we come into contact with throughout the day, and each other,” said Portsmouth Superintendent Scott Dutey. 

At Portsmouth Elementary School this week the building was decorated in orange and things they are grateful for or make them happy. 

“This is a week when we celebrate what Orange Frog stands for, which is happiness,” said PES Principal Beth Born. “Teachers are teaching students through the Orange Frog book what it’s all about, and we’ve also created a PowerPoint for younger kids that explains what the Orange Frog represents and how to choose happiness.”

The week ended on Wednesday with students and teachers dressing up in their Halloween costumes. 

“I think Orange Frog has been good for us. It’s just a change in mindset that even though every day is not perfect there are still good things in every day, and it’s about trying to find those and look for ways to choose to be positive instead of negative,” Born said. “As citizens, people who have this type of mindset are more productive and more efficient. They are happier, in general, and more successful.”