PES Science Fair

Students from Portsmouth Elementary School presented their projects, displaying their use and understanding of the scientific method to judges of the PES Science Fair, on Nov. 21-22, 2022, in the gymnasium.

“Science Fair helps kids because it’s a hands-on learning experience that gets them involved in the scientific method. They could take a topic like plant growth and do it over months if they wanted to really understand the process. It’s good to get them involved and working with their families,” said Sixth-Grade Science Teacher Lanny Rice, who helped coordinate and judge this year's event.

This year’s fourth-grade winners were Kalan Johnson (1st Place), Karoline Galloway (2nd Place), and Xander Purdy (3rd Place). The fifth-grade winners were Kensley Reed (1st Place), Victor Lavey (2nd Place), and Chloe Gullett (3rd Place). The sixth-grade winners were Kenee Parker (1st Place), Hobie Mormon (2nd Place), and Riley Derifield (3rd Place). 

The Grand Champion Winner this year was fourth grader Kalan Johnson, with his presentation about electrolytes in sports drinks using an electrometer.

“I was very impressed with our Best of Show winner. I have done the Science Fair for 10 years, and he came close to doing the best interview that I ever had. He was phenomenal. He answered all of our questions, and the only time he ever looked at his board or paper was to point something out. You could tell he did the work,” Rice said. 

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